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What you receive when you purchase the VC Private Investing Online Program:

  • The full program content library
  • A 1 on 1 Q&A session scheduled at your convenience with Jordan Speaker
  • Practice Problems
  • Sample Legal Documents
  • Sample Pro-Forma Evaluation Model



The Private Investing Online Program is a hands on educational program covering six key learning objectives:


LO1 Differentiate between private and public investments

LO2 Understand the private investment vehicles and mechanisms

LO3 Understand the various asset classes available for private investments

LO4 Understand the trade-offs between private investment asset classes

LO5 Learn how to source private investment opportunities

LO6 Learn how to evaluate investment opportunities using the 6 step Valor Capital approach


The content library contains videos dedicated to each learning objective along with supplemental walk throughs of problems and examples. Excel modeling exercises are included in the course content to enhance understanding of private investing concepts. These exercises range from private investment instrument modeling examples to investment waterfall construction and mechanics. Excel solutions documents will be provided in the document library.


Whether you are a current industry professional looking to expand their knowledge & skillset, a current student looking to break into PE, VC, or PERE, or if you are a current/future investor in private market offerings who wants to increase their knowledge of private investment evaluation, we believe this program provides unparalleled insights into private market investing & analysis.


Will the Private Investing Online Program option still be interactive in nature?


Program registrants for the Private Investing Online Program will receive access to a 1 hour Zoom call with the instructor, Jordan Speaker.


Are there any program requirements or prerequisites?

  • Access to Microsoft Excel for PC or Mac.
  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.

Private Investing Online Program

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