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Private Investing Program 

Designed for experienced professionals, current business students, and those interested in learning more about private markets and private investment asset classes. Our program is a one day event focused on principal learning objectives of foundational private investment concepts followed by a real life case study evaluation of a private investment opportunity.


The Private Investing Program is a live event conducted via Zoom and is limited to 20 spots per one day session. The program is designed to be conversational and interactive by nature. Two case study exercises will be conducted to tie together concepts of private market investing - an excel modeling exercise and a legal document analysis exercise. These exercises are designed to give the attendee practical tools to prepare them for private investment deal evaluation and selection. 

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Morning session
Afternoon Session

Public vs. Private Markets

Private Investment Evaluation

Private Asset Classes

Manager Due Diligence

Private Investing Instruments

Deal Excel Modeling Exercise 

Common Fund Structures and Terms

Deal Legal Document Analysis Exercise 

Private Investor Risk Profile

Find Private Investment Opportunities

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Jordan Speaker 

Managing Partner, Valor Capital LLC

Jordan Speaker currently serves as the Managing Partner of Valor Capital LLC, a private investment firm focused on the acquisition, operation, and disposition of real assets. Jordan currently has $29M under management and is an active investor in the private investment space across various private investment asset classes.

Jordan currently teaches the Entrepreneurship Intensive Learning Experience (ILE) at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. Jordan previously co-ran the Rice Entrepreneurship Acquisitions Lab at the Jones School and co-founded the Veterans Business Battle, the largest veteran-focused business plan competition in the country. 

Jordan has an MBA from the prestigious Jones School at Rice University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Colorado State University (Cum Laude).

Enrollment Fees
Enrollment Fee
Optional Fee
Program Enrollment
Physical Copy of Materials

* Program enrollment fee includes digital copy of course materials. Includes PowerPoint document, excel model excel document and locked PDF legal documents.

Upcoming Program Dates
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