Valor Capital is a Houston based real estate private equity firm focused on the acquisition, operation, and disposition of multi-family assets. Value creation is at our core - it is our strong belief that multi-family real estate is one of the best opportunities available to investors. By utilizing proven acquisitions and operations management techniques, Valor Capital rehabilitates affordable apartment communities and generates strong risk adjusted returns for its investors.





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Cash Flow Based Valuation - we focus on the cash flows a property can generate, rather than relying on price appreciation to drive investment returns. We believe this strategy maximizes capital preservation through all market cycles.

Rigorous Secondary Market Selection - we perform detailed macro and micro market analyses before selecting target markets. Once we identify our target markets, we surgically invest in multiple properties per geographic area, allowing us to operate more efficiently.

Identify Value Add Properties - we look for opportunities to acquire properties that can generate solid returns for our investors through a value add component that allows us to increase the net income of the property. This could include capital investments in the property that push in place rents up to market rates, re-positioning the property through branding and marketing, or bringing in an proven management practices to drive down costs. 

Focus on Multi-Family - within residential real estate, we believe multi-family assets are a superior asset class to single family. Multi-Family rents and vacancy rates are historically less sensitive than other real estate assets during recessions due to a diversified tenant base that reduces cash flow volatility.